Nenana to Nome
An Epic Adventure

Re-Tracing the 1925 Serum Run on its 100th Anniversary

Serum Run Expedition™ on the Trail from Nenana to Nome

The1925 Serum Run,

a sled dog tail steeped in history familiar to many Alaskans is being revived just in time for its 100th anniversary.

In 2025 a very select team of dog mushers, snowmachiners, and history-lovers will embark on a 750-mile expedition from Nenana to Nome following the old Serum Run Trail. 

We will be on the Serum Run Trail in 2025. 

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Serum Run Expedition

Nenana to Nome. 

An epic adventure across Alaska re-tracing the 1925 serum run on its 100th anniversary. 


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